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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome Gentles All ! to number 1623 Shakespeare Place--the place for anything "Shakespeare"--and we mean Anything! Voice your opinion on the current topics already under discussion or...start a topic you're interested in. Ask a question; if we don't know the answer we'll help find it if we can. Cast your vote in the latest poll and let us know why you feel the way you do. Let's talk Shakespeare!

To kick things off, I thought it might be fun to come up with a sonnet chock-full of alliteration and assonance (in fact it's entirely alliterative and assonant--maybe I got carried away?) describing some of the difficulties and joys, tribulations and rewards, of tackling stuff by the Bard. Since I'd never tried before, I'm not sure how well I did. Some of it's fun...I think...I hope. Thoughts anyone? Don't be shy--say it out loud! That's why we're here--and the whole point of Shakespeare (more on that later).

“Why Wrangle With Will?”

Bravely bombasting ballad by Bard,
Wantonly witty, will-willowing--worse:
Haltingly, hatching half-hopelessly hard,
Vouchedly vexing, varnish├Ęd verse!

Tortuous, tongue-tied torrents to traverse,
Workmanly-wise, would we willingly wade
In innocence, insane; ill-ta'en immerse
Ourselves over-deep; orate odes o'ermade?

Rattling wry, recapitulate rhyme,
Quizzical quatrains, quickly quixotic,
Soliloquy Splenetic, Sonnet Sublime,
Elegy Elegant, ever exotic.

Accounts Adventurous, artfully avouched,
Tragedy, touchingly tearful-tainted,
Comedy's Counsel, cordially couched:
Pictures Poetic, perfectly painted.

In Incomparable Intellect Imbued;
Valiantly Voiced Verisimilitude.

J.M. © 2009

About Me and Shakespeare: Professional actor, director, teacher, editor, sometimes writer, and overall loudmouth-- when it comes to anything "Shakespeare". (more on that later)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to my good friend Mr. Steve G for being the first recorded visitor to ShakespearePlace. And for wishing us readers and contributors "...from Paris to Romeo". (get it?) I've always been somewhat in awe of his punning skills, folks.

    Hopefully he'll stop by every once in a while to grace us with some additional gems. And that, all kidding aside, I mean seriously.
    Thanks Steve.